SOLO-BT mit Bluetooth low energy technology

The new generation of 'SOLO-BT' electronic furniture locks proves
that furniture locks can be both invisible, used from a distance and installed also in a metal door!

Use any IOS or Android smartphone to open / close this lock.


  • Control unlimited numbers of locks with one smartphone
  • Use unlimited numbers of smartphones for one lock
  • User code per lock to give and denice access
  • Administrator code per lock
  • Works cross metal lockers or metal letter boxes
  • 2 to 4 years battery lifetime
  • Latches : Latch75, Latch74

    Find out how it works at "Proramming" - "Bluetooth".

    Article number: SOLO-BT; Customs tariff number: 83013000; Order quantity: 100
    Prices on request; Country of origin: Austria

  • latch74 - locking part. elegant & flexible

    The locking part "latch74" unites the 3-dimensional adjustment with an elegant design.

    With a 90 ° mounting possibility, the "latch74" is used for swing doors and drawers.

    The integrated ejector with a force of 5,4N opens the door automatically as soon as the lock is unlocked. Hinges with locking function can cancel this function.

    Thanks to the elegant cover, the mechanism is protected against dirt and can also be cleaned easily.

    The assembly and the fine adjustment of the locking part are simple and can be done in a very short time with standard screwdrivers.

    Carbon-reinforced material as well as high flexibility due to the adjustability in height, depth and to the side mark the locking part.

    Ideally, the locking bolt is located exactly in the middle after assembly.

    The integrated rated breaking point of 35 kg protects the furniture in case of forced opening.

    The "latch74" locking part is available under the following item numbers:

    • “latch74“ with rated breaking point
    • “latch74s“ without rated breaking point

    Latch75 - frontal locking device

    This latch is used at sliding doors as well as at the back wall of a drawers.

    The latch has a predetermined breaking point of 35 kg.

    The flexible pin allows a tolerance +/- 2 mm.

    3060 glass set for the lock

    This set consists of a plate for the lock, black foil and screws.

    Depending on the where the force is applied, the double-sided sticky tape on an untreated surface will hold up to 25 kg or 45 kg (55lbs or 99lbs), depending on the direction of pull.

    Article number: 3060glass; Customs tariff number: 83024200; Order quantity: 100
    Prices on request; Country of origin: Austria

    3051s - External power supply

    This power supply is often used, if, after installation, the lock is not easily accessible when it is necessary to change the battery or if external power supply is preferred. The cable is 1.5 m long and can be plugged directly into the lock.

    Each converter can supply a maximum of 5 locks.

    Please note: Never use transformers and batteries at the same time!

    Article number: 3051s; Customs tariff number: 85044030; Order quantity: 100
    Prices on request; Country of origin: China

    3050 - Battery

    The 3 volt lithium battery has life-span of 10 years with the SOLO lock and 2 years with the SOLO13 lock. The battery has enough power to open the lock more than 30,000 times. When the battery starts to run out, the lock will no longer lock and a continuous tone will sound for 15 seconds.

    Battery lifetime:
    In a permanent test, the battery makes around 50.000 cycles.

    Due to the standby power consumption, this amount will be just 25.000. The final lifetime is also influenced by usage/day, temperature and possibly other electronic equipment in the environment.

    The lock checks the battery during the opening process. In case of a weak battery, the lock will stay open, will not close anymore and a 15 second long alarm appears. After a replacement of the battery, the lock will work again with all the past settings and keys.

    As long as the lock is used once a year, the battery will have power enough to open.

    A lock never opens without using a key.

    Article number: 3050; Customs tariff number: 85065010; Order quantity: 100
    Prices on request; Country of origin: USA


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    INTERMOB Istanbul 13-17. October 2018 Registration Hall- Stand : R302
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